Privatization / Due Diligence

While acquiring a business or property, information regarding important issues concerning the same can be critical in decision-making and provides insight to formulate strategy keeping in view the ins and outs of a deal.

M&H has the experience and ability to conduct due diligence for you, regardless of magnitude of transaction. M&H has been involved in conducting due diligence for its clients at all levels.

M&H has been associated with one of the most experienced law firms in Pakistan in different transactions concerning privatization and /or due diligence of various financial institutions and corporations. Some of transactions to which our firm has been associated with include privatization of Habib Bank Limited (HBL), restructuring of Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited (ABL), due diligence of MCR (Pizza Hut) and Credit Agricole etc. and privatization attempt of Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd. (PSO).

M&H is one of the very few law firms in Pakistan that have persons experienced in transactions of this magnitude. At the same time, M&H also undertakes due diligence for individuals or businesses on much smaller scale as well.