Intellectual Property

M&H is among the leaders of intellectual property law firms in Pakistan. Its IP wing was established in very early days of the firm and since then it has been a success story. Foreign clients heavily rely upon its IP department and the firm is ranked very high amongst the IP law firms in Pakistan.

The extensive legal expertise of our attorneys, coupled with the Firm’s vast experience in intellectual property transactions, allows us to better understand the intellectual property problems encountered by companies in today’s environment. It is always advisable that before launching a new product, intellectual property rights of competitors be identified, assessed and avoided. M&H offers product consultation services to its Pakistani clients and to its foreign clients planning to introduce a product in Pakistan.

We advise our clients on the best practical strategies to protect their key intellectual assets, to evaluate litigation risks and, where possible, to avoid conflicts with the intellectual property rights of others. When a potential dispute does arise, we offer counseling regarding available dispute resolution mechanisms and strategies. M&H can also assist organizations in maintaining internal practices and policies that maximize the return on intellectual property investments while minimizing the risk of unwanted legal disputes.

Our deep understanding of patents, trademarks, copyrights and the procedures for obtaining and enforcing these assets, permits us to approach each IP transaction with unique insights regarding the scope and value of the asset involved and the benefits and potential pitfalls of various transaction structures. M&H provides complete range of services in this regard, including structuring transactions, drafting/vetting the agreements and getting the same registered with concerned authorities. Our attorneys are also proficient in the use of license and other business relationships to resolve intellectual property disputes, and have negotiated favorable settlements for many of the firm’s clients.

A detailed description of its IP department is separately available.