Since the world is advancing in technologies, the ability to protect and capitalize on innovation is becoming crucial for sustaining business growth and profitability. Businesses tend to protect their innovations and attack others’. We provide legal opinions for both defensive and offensive purposes.

A significant portion of our patent practice is devoted to patent strategy, application filing and prosecution. We provide advice to clients who are preparing to invest in new businesses, products or technology on the strength and the scope of the patents involved. We also render opinions for clients who may have been accused of infringement.

Whether your company is new to the patenting process, or has a well-developed patent program, we can help you in drafting, filing and/or prosecuting patents. Our patent section has the services of experts who have degrees (including Ph.D.) in scientific disciplines. The list of non-lawyer experts readily available for advice to our firm includes: -

Naeem Javaid
Electrical Engineer

Muhammad Faheem
Electrical Engineer

Akmal Saeed
Chemical Engineer

Abdul Aziz
Chemical Engineer

Iftikhar Ahmed
Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Nadeem Nawasih Malik
Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Fakhra Idrees Qureshi
Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Rozina Tufail
Ph. D.
Molecular Biology

Mrs. Farkhanda Malik
M. Phil
Assistant Professor of Zoology

Khalid Masood
M. Sc.
Assistant Professor of Physics

Sadia Aslam 
M. Sc.
Lecturer Department of Botany

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  • Drafting Applications
  • Preparing and Filing Applications
  • Prosecution
  • Watch Service
  • Opposition
  • Revocation
  • Post Registration Maintenance
  • Licensing
  • Counseling and Technical Support
  • Infringement Actions

Patents - Forms

Form-31 (Form of Authorization of Agent) (Please find enclosed this form as attachment).

Note: For assignment no special Form is required but this agreement should be NOTARIZED.

Patents - Filing Requirements

Full name, address, nationality and profession / business of the Applicant(s).

Full name, address, nationality and profession / business of the Inventor(s).

Power of attorney (Form-31) signed by the applicant(s). 

Note (a): The size of power of attorney will be 11 ¼ X 8 ¼.

Note (b): Power of attorney should be notarized.

Note (c): Company seal / rubber stamp should be affixed under the signature of the signatory.

Specification and claims in triplicate on pages of Legal size (8" X 12").

Formal drawings in triplicate, if any, one copy should be on tracing cloth and the other two on stout white paper. Drawings sheet should be in the international Legal size.

In case of application where the true or first inventor is not a party to the application, Form-1A on its reverse side duly endorsed by the inventor in presence of two witnesses is required. (No legalization is required on this Form). The names and complete addresses of the witnesses should be mentioned.

In case of priority application, a certified copy of the basic specification should be filed alongwith the application in Pakistan or can be filed within three months of the date of filing the Pakistani application.

Language: English.


The term of patent is 20 years from its date. For the first four years of the term of a patent no fees are required to be paid for its continuance; thereafter, the continuance of all patents is subject to the payment of an annual renewal fee. Such fees are payable before the expiration of the fourth and of each succeeding year of their terms.


Priority can be claimed in Pakistan within twelve months from the date of the earliest application for the grant of patent in any of the convention countries (members of WTO).