Not every new product contains a patentable invention, but most new products contain novel designs which make them stand out from the competition. This novelty is achieved by hard work and one does not want others to get benefit out of his work. The ability to protect and capitalize on innovation is becoming crucial for sustaining business growth and profitability, this is why registration of designs is becoming more and more common every day.

The concept of registration of designs is still new to Pakistani businesses and even foreign multinationals have only recently started acquiring protection for their designs in Pakistan, therefore, there are not many law firms in Pakistan having ability and experience to handle design applications.

However, despite this rarity of design applications, M&H has been filing design applications since many years. M&H is perhaps the leading law firm in Pakistan in terms of filing design applications. We render opinions as to design strategy, application filing and prosecution. We provide advice to clients who are preparing to invest in new products on the strength and the scope of the designs involved. We also render opinions for clients who may have been accused of infringement of designs.

Designs - Services

  • Searches
  • Preparing and Filing Applications
  • Prosecution
  • Watch Service
  • Revocation
  • Post Registration Maintenance
  • Licensing
  • Counseling
  • Infringement Actions

Designs - Forms

  • Form-31 (Form of Authorization of Agent) (Please find enclosed this form as attachment).

Note: For assignment no special Form is required but this agreement should be NOTARIZED.

Designs - Filing Requirements

  • Full name, address, profession / business and nationality of the applicant(s) and author(s) or designer(s).
  • Form-31, power of attorney, simply signed by the applicant(s) and author(s) or designer(s).
  • Four identical representations of the design. The representations may be photographs or specimens of the design/industrial model. The photographs should be of each view of size 4 X 5.


The duration of registration of design/industrial model is initially 10 years from its date and may be extended by two further periods, each of ten years.


 Priority can be claimed in Pakistan within six months from the date of the earliest application for the registration of design/industrial model in any of the convention countries (members of WTO).