Copyright law is a highly neglected field in Pakistan. People, as a routine, get their trademark registered as a copyrightable work, which registration most of the time does not serve any useful purpose. Except for this erroneous use, invocation of copyright law is a rarity in Pakistan as people do not understand the strength of protection provided by copyright registration. In addition to providing clients with counseling regarding the proprietary or otherwise of copyright registration, firm’s copyright practice covers almost all aspects of copyright law.

M&H offers a full range of services relating to the protection of copyrights and advises its clients regarding the registration, licensing, policing and enforcement of their copyright rights

As mentioned above, there are also trademark issues that can arise in copyright contexts. Although a work might not constitute a copyright infringement, it might be a trademark violation and vice versa. Since most of our IP lawyers are proficient in trademark law as well, therefore we are always able to give useful insight to our clients.

We are also skilled in negotiating and drafting publishing agreements and agreements for the sale and/or licensing of copyrighted materials. Our attorneys also assist the firm’s clients in the enforcement of copyright rights and against claims of infringement brought by others.

Copyright - Services

  • Preparing, Filing and Prosecution of Applications
  • Opposition
  • Revocation
  • Watch Services
  • Assignments
  • Licensing
  • Counseling
  • Unfair Competition and related matters
  • Infringement Actions
  • Defending of Legal Actions

Copyright - Forms

 Note: For assignment no special Form is required but this agreement should be NOTARIZED.

Copyright - Filing Requirements

  • Full name, address, nationality and profession / business of the Applicant(s).
  • Full name, address, nationality and profession / business of the Author(s).
  • Power of attorney signed by the applicant(s) and notarized.
  • Four specimens of the work signed by the applicant(s) and notarized.

In case of application where the true author(s) is not a party to the application, an affidavit of the author(s) declaring that he has sold his rights to the applicant(s). The affidavit should notarize.

Language: English.


The term of copyright in most cases is lifetime of author and fifty years after his death.