Employment Laws

Employment laws are of utmost importance for every corporation. Pakistan law has a plethora of labour laws and it is not easy for a novice to know all the applicable laws.

We regularly advise local and international clients on employment law issues and have drafted/vetting scores of employment agreements. We also handle hundreds of employment court cases and the clients, inter alia, include Pakistan’s biggest names from telecom, insurance, finance, industrial and food sector.

We are exclusive member for Pakistan of prestigious Employment Law Alliance (ELA), a USA based global alliance of law firms known for their expertise in employment laws. We are also proud contributor to ELA’s Employment Law Global Handbook (Pakistan Chapter).

For an advanced introduction to labour laws of Pakistan click here.

We, inter alia, provide following legal services in the domain of employment laws:

Employment Contract

Employment contract is the primary document in the employment law and is of utmost importance.

We draft/review the employment contract is in accordance with local laws and provides maximum protection to our client.

When the client tends to avoid establishing employer/employee relation, we make sure that the contract is drafted appropriately to achieve this goal.

Employment Policies

Modern corporations heavily rely on their internal employment policies.

We ensure that such policies are not in violation of any statutory provisions and also practical given the specific working conditions and local practices.

We have drafted/reviewed employment policies of various renowned multinational corporations.

Advising on Compliance and Legal Issues

Since employment laws of Pakistan are scattered in various statutes and may vary from province to province, therefore, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws can become tricky at times.

We routinely provide advice on compliance and other legal issues relating to employees of all levels including CEOs and directors.

Retrenchment/Closure of Establishment

We also advise on strategies for retrenchment and/or closure of establishment.

We have been part of one of largest downsizing in country’s history and are aware of intricacies involved in the process.